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Restaurant owners, hire a manager to run the day-to-day operations of your establishment with this Restaurant Management Agreement. The manager is responsible for hiring and training all staff, creating food and beverage menus, setting pricing and dress codes, and generally maintaining and operating the restaurant in accordance with the owner's operating standards. The manager is also responsible for obtaining and maintaining all licenses and permits required by law. The manager will establish and supervise all advertising and promotional campaigns. The manager has no authority to enter into any lease or license agreement, or any contract exceeding a specified amount or a specified term. The manager cannot incur any financial obligations except for ordinary trade debt, and cannot acquire any capital assets, or finance or otherwise encumber the restaurant. The manager will deposit all revenues from the restaurant into an operating account, from which operating, management and administrative expenses will be paid. The manager will make detailed monthly reports to the owner. The manager must insure the building and the business for all-risk, business interruption, commercial general liability, worker's compensation and long-term disability, and comprehensive crime insurance. The owner is responsible for negotiating all labor union collective bargaining agreements relating to the restaurant. Extensive provisions governing termination of the agreement and transfer of operations, licenses, etc. from the manager to the owner or to a replacement manager. This Restaurant Management Agreement is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable to meet your needs.

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